Welcome to Lockwood PTA!

The Lockwood PTA was founded by parents as a non-profit organization in 1962. The LW PTA has raised funds and organized volunteers to support many of the extra enrichment programs that enhance our school for students and staff. As a PTA we encourage the community to share your ideas, join monthly meetings, and come to or volunteer at events. 

As a PTA we advocate on behalf of students to ensure Lockwood is providing an inclusive, equitable, and positive experience. 

For more information on the Parent Teacher Association please visit Washington State PTA or PTA. 

For Lockwood PTA Facebook groups please visit Lockwood PTA page or Lockwood PTA Community Discussion Group

Wednesday Weekly

The PTA's weekly newsletters are emailed every Wednesday morning. 

To subscribe to the PTA's "Wednesday Weekly" Email Newsletter, please email weekly@lockwoodpta.org with your name, email, and relationship to Lockwood (parent, teacher, staff, student, etc.).

NSD School Board Meetings 

Lockwood School Spirit Day 

Principal Events

Wednesday Weekly Newsletter

Fundraising Leopard Laps

Register https://p.pledgestar.com/lockwood/


Register enrichment@lockwoodpta.org

PTA Membership

Register membership@lockwoodpta.org

Member Reimbursement Information

For reimbursements, please be sure to have approval from your committee chair and confirm that purchases are within budget. Please note, we cannot reimburse the purchase of gift cards.


Checks not cashed after 6 months of origin date will be voided.

If check is lost and a replacement is needed, a $35.00 stop payment fee will be deducted from the original check amount.

Need help with this form? Contact the PTA Treasurer at treasurer@lockwoodpta.org

Lockwood PTA Facebook 

Pages include upcoming event info, volunteer sign-ups, and community discussion.

Lockwood PTA page on Facebook here.  

PRIVATE Lockwood Parent Discussion Group page on Facebook here: