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PACE class program

PACE stands for Parents Active in Cooperative Education and it is a choice program offered through the Northshore School District. PACE is committed to an enriched learning environment, emphasizing active participation of parents, innovative teaching techniques and creating a partnership of teachers, parents and students. There are currently three PACE sites serving every elementary school in the Northshore School District.

EAP class program

The Highly Capable Program is designed for students identified as gifted through cognitive and academic testing and superior academic performance whose academic needs are beyond the scope of the general education classroom. Services are designed to provide a challenging, integrated and enriched curriculum to students who are enrolled in the Northshore School District.

Congratulations to the Lockwood PTA for winning the 2016-2017 Membership Award!!

Per Teri Davis, 2016-17 Membership Director:

"Congratulations Lockwood PTA 6.10.25 on achieving the Platinum Level Membership Award with Washington State PTA!

You have grown Lockwood PTA 6.10.25 by 20% over last year. I am so proud of your efforts! Your membership growth is integral to our mission* of being a powerful voice for children.

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do at Lockwood PTA 6.10.25 to grow your membership. Please share any tips and suggestions so we can help grow all of our PTAs across Washington."

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