NSD Community Resources

Free or Reduced Lunch Program

If you have had a decrease in employment- Apply for school meals now: By applying and qualifying you may be eligible for other state/federal programs


Community Resource List from LW School Nurses' Office

24 Hour Crisis Line: 

     9-8-8    I   www.crisisclinic.org

Hopelink : Food, Housing Stability, Energy assistance - Emergency Food available

     11011 120th Ave NE Kirkland  I  www.hopelink.org  I  425-889-7880

ParentHelp123: Helping families and teens in WA State find programs and resources

     1-800-322-2588  I   www.parenthelp123.org

North Helpline: Food, Pregnancy and Baby Supplies, Financial, Health

     12736 33rd Ave NE #100  Seattle, WA 98125  I  206-367-3477  I  www.northhelpline.org

Other Local Food Resources:

Getting Help: https://www.dcyf.wa.gov/services/getting-help

Washington State Department of Social and Human Services: https://www.dshs.wa.gov/

Child Care Resources:

206-329-5544   I   www.childcare.org   I   800-446-1114

Questions: Contact Lockwood School Nurse 425-408-5806 (phones monitored)

Agency Resource List from Nurse Sue

PSE : Puget Sound Energy

1-888-225-5773   I   https://www.pse.com/pages/bill-and-weatherization-assistance?srce=cta

PSE encourages anyone facing hardship to reach out to and learn more about options such as payment plans, changing their bill’s due date and the assistance funds available through our EnergyHelp portal.

It has been advised that families who are not going to be able to meet their expected bill- should make contact with the company and explain their situation or use the web page to request support.



Basic foods/WIC

Phone services

Please connect with your service provider and let them know of your situation


Northshore Utilities


Please contact our office at (425) 398-4402 or billing@nud.net if you have any questions about the program or need help completing the application.

Elementary School Counseling

Mr. Kim's presentation on the role of an elementary school counselor (from 9/28/2021 PTA General Meeting):

Intro to School Counselor '21

Northshore Learns 3.0

Northshore School District's main page for everything related to the pandemic and e-learning. Find information about food and childcare assistance, health resources, event cancellations or updates, e-learning links and more. https://www.nsd.org/northshore-learns 

Post-COVID Vaccine advice from Nurse Rachel:

As many Lockwood kids start receiving the COVID vaccine, we reached out to our school nurse for some advice on what to do if normal vaccine symptoms appear the day of or after receiving the vaccine. Here's the advice:

If students are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms at school and have been vaccinated 1-3 days prior, students will NOT be sent home or asked to obtain any Covid testing if symptoms appear to be side effects from recent vaccination.  If symptoms progress beyond the expected time for vaccine-related side effects, students will be asked to obtain testing or alternative diagnosis.  Nurses will be asking if a student has recently received a Covid-19 vaccination as part of our assessment for a student with symptoms.  Side effects may include:

Side Effects, COVID Vaccination:

Children given the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine had side effects like those experienced by people aged 16 and older. The most commonly reported side effects include:

Similar to adults, children have side effects that typically last 1 to 3 days. More adolescents reported these side effects, except for injection site pain, after the second dose of the vaccine. However, many people have no side effects.