PAWS in the Parks

Earth Day Weekend Community Event


1. Visit Local Parks

There are FOURTEEN recommended parks, plus THREE elementary school playgrounds that we're suggesting you visit over the Earth Day weekend. You don't have to visit them all, but each place you pick up trash earns you another ticket in the prize lottery! Here's our list:

2. Pick Up Rubbish

Earth Day reminds us that our planet's future is very important to our own future. Every bit of trash left on the ground can have a negative impact on wildlife habitat and watershed health. Together, we can make a difference!

HOW? Come prepared to each park with rubber gloves (thick gardening gloves are recommended) and trash bags for gathering. If you have a pick-up stick, please bring it! 


3. Enter Prize Lottery

Put your PAWS up if you picked up trash!

Attention all Bobcats, Cubs, and Leopards -- your school PTAs are each running a small prize drawing for families who participate in this Earth Day event.

If you visited a park or playground from our list on Fri-Sun, April 21-23, then fill out this form by Sunday, April 30!

The form will ask you:

If you took any pictures (especially, with new friends from another school), don't forget to have your adult upload them here (by uploading, you give us permission to potentially use the images in newsletters, website, or local news stories).

PRIZES: The number of prizes available and type of prizes is dependent on each school's PTA. Please see your PTA for details.