Teacher Resources

Classroom Stipends

On behalf of the students, we want to show our support and appreciation by offering up to $200 in classroom stipends to every Lockwood classroom, depending on a teacher’s FTE. The PTA budgets each year to fund supplies and classroom materials used to enhance the educational experience of children. These monies may only be used for classroom educational purposes and should serve all students equally. Teachers may make reimbursable purchases between July 2022 and May 2023. 

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PTA Grants

Depending on PTA fundraising income from the prior year, there is usually $4,000 to $10,000 available in total each year. 

Ready to submit a PTA Grant Application? 

Via Google Form: You can now do submit Grant Application forms electronically through our new google form. We hope this new method will make grant applications easy and virtually stress-free. 

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Other Support

One of the PTA Projects this year is to develop a comprehensive guide for Lockwood Teachers seeking to secure funding. You should be spending your time prepping your classes, and not searching for funding opportunities. We're going to do some of the legwork for you.

In the meantime, after PTA Grants and Stipends, the Northshore Schools Foundation is the next best stop for classroom funding. Here are a few of the supports they can offer:

NSF will grant up to $1000 for elementary school projects. In addition to basic information about the the project, the application requires several short essays about how it aligns with NSD's Strategic Plan, how it supports the NSF goals, about your due diligence in finding the best valued vendors, and about why this project is important to your students. Grant Applications deadlines are: August 30, October 30, December 30, February 28, April 30 and June 30.

NSF uses a crowdsourcing campaign request platform at FoundationGive.com. Campaigns can run for 2-6 weeks. The Foundation may decide to provide funding to your project after the campaign has completed. Campaigns are accepted year-round.

Each year, the NSF publishes Amazon Wishlists for teachers in the district. Generous donors from the community work to fund those wishlists. This year teachers from over a dozen elementaries already have published wishlists. One elementary has almost 30 wishlists published as of early August.