Student Enrichment

2022-23 PTA Clubs

What clubs are offered (and when)?

Session #1: Oct 10-Nov 16 (until Dec 13 for Chess)

Session #2: Jan 10-Feb 17 (until Mar 14 for Chess)

Session #3: Feb 27-Apr 7

Session #4: Apr 4-June 2

How do we join a club?

Registration Dates:

Session #1 Dates

Session #2 Dates

Session #3 Dates

Session #4 Dates

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Times

Morning clubs begin at 8:30am (running until 9:20am). Please do not drop off before 8:25am as there will be no one on site to monitor them. Afternoon clubs run from 4:05-5:05pm (on Wednesday, it's 2:35-3:35pm). Please arrive by 5pm (or 3:30pm) for pick-up. You must sign your child out before taking them. If you are running late for drop-off or pick-up, please text or call the parent chaperones for that club meeting.

How much do clubs cost?

It is our goal for clubs to be as affordable as possible (we aim for a charge that works out to no more than $10/meeting). And we aim for clubs to be as equally-accessible as possible--meaning we don't offer a set of very expensive clubs (available only to high-income families) and a set of very cheap clubs (left over for the low-income families). Everyone pays the same low amount for a "Club Pass" regardless of the club they land in. This year it's $50 for a Club Pass for clubs that meet 6 times, $75 if they meet 9 times, and $100 if they meet 12 times (so, essentially, it's just over $8/meeting no matter what club you're in--beating our $10/meeting goal by a couple bucks). The PTA does not aim to make money off of clubs. Instead, we plan for the collective "club pass" income to entirely cover the collective club expenses.  Note that there are some additional expenses for some clubs that are outside of the Club Pass--for instance, the PTA does not rent a violin for your child to use in Violin Club, or provide a device to use for Coding Club (the NSD-issued devices will work, however). And Cooking Club does come with an extra $50 grocery fee.

A Note on Club Subsidies: There has been some confusion about some more-expensive-to-the-PTA clubs "going negative" and we want to be super-clear that that does not happen because you are not paying for a specific club, you are paying for a "club pass." The confusion is that the Club Pass, if broken down, this year would cost you about $8/meeting and some clubs will cost the PTA as little as $0/meeting and some will cost us as much as $12/meeting. That may feel like we're over-charging for some clubs and under-charging for others. However, the variable costs to the PTA of providing clubs is dependent on instructor fees and supply costs and is not related to quality of the club. The value of the Club Pass you are buying is not connected to the costs of individual clubs to the PTA. For instance, Chess is not more valuable than Coding or Art. But it happens to cost the PTA a little more to offer. We don't push those higher costs on to the kids/families in Chess club. Instead, every club is the same price for everyone. You're paying into the idea of clubs for all. 

Are there scholarships?

Yes. If your family qualifies for free and reduced lunches, please reach out to our treasurer to access our dedicated scholarship funding (

What happens if we don't pay on time or don't volunteer as a chaperone?

If you don't pay your Club Pass fee by the deadline, your spot may be given to another student. Note that, even if you never enroll your child (through payment) your child will not have priority in the next session (as they were already offered a spot in a club). If you don't volunteer to chaperone for a club, there is no consequence--except that a club meeting without any chaperones will be cancelled.

Do clubs require volunteers?

Under PTA policies, we require at least two adults present at every club meeting (the club teacher, plus one volunteer chaperone). Without a second adult present a club meeting will need to be cancelled. Some clubs additionally need extra helpers to keep students focused on task, to help keep the rooms tidy, and to assist in small group work. After you are offered a spot in a club, you will be given a link to pay and a link to sign up for volunteering. We ask that every family sign up for at least one volunteer slot, if possible. If you can sign up for at least half of the slots, we will slash your Club Pass fee in half as our thanks for supporting clubs. Volunteers do not need to have an NSD Level 1 background check completed, but we highly encourage it. 

What do we do if we have to miss a club meeting?

Please text the chaperones for the club session you miss so that they don't think they have a lost child. Chaperones are required to account for every child on their rosters and will have to call you (and then the police) if they don't know where your child is. There are no partial refunds for a missed class.

What happens if the club is cancelled?

There are a few cases where a club may be cancelled entirely--for instance, if we lose a club teacher or if a club has fewer than 6 students, the PTA will cancel it (and will refund you). If we have to cancel an individual meeting, we will do our very best to reschedule, but there will be no partial refunds if we cannot schedule a make-up (or if you cannot make a scheduled make-up session). 

Refund Policy

After the payment deadline has passed, unless there are extraordinary circumstances, there will be no refunds because by that time it is usually too late to find a student to take your now-open space. Once you commit to joining a club, your payment locks that seat away from other students on the waitlist (so we don't want you to then waste that seat). Please make sure you are committed to attending the club before you pay.