School Volunteer Opportunities

Cafeteria Volunteers Needed

The school managed to gather a lot of help for the classroom lunchtime volunteers, but the cafeteria itself has asked for a little support—especially in the first 10-15 minutes of each lunch period when classes are swarming it and trying to get back to their rooms quickly to eat. Periods are 11:30am (K/2nd), 12pm (1st/3rd), and 12:30pm (4th/5th). You’d be doing things like helping confused kids (especially Kinders and 1st-Grade) find the right line (A Lunch or B Lunch), passing trays to them from the kitchen (to speed that process up a little bit), and making sure they’ve grabbed their sides and plasticware. If you’re free to volunteer in the cafeteria on a regular basis or even on an occasional one-off basis, please let Gavin Doyle know at

Morning Helpers Needed

We’re still looking for some regular morning traffic helpers. We are especially in need of a few parent volunteers to help out with the morning recess supervision on an ongoing basis. If you can help in either capacity, please reach out to Christie Lounsberry (