Get your leaf or apple on the Lockwood Family Tree

Lockwood Elementary PTA Membership Goals for 2019-20

390 Members (a 10% increase from last year)

100% Staff Membership

This year we will also be awarding a prize to every classroom that gets 100% classroom PTA member participation. 100% participation is defined as one PTA member per child in the classroom. If you and your spouse both sign up, that counts towards two spots, even if you only have one child in that classroom. Your membership also counts towards all classrooms you have a child in.

Who can join the PTA?


How do I become a PTA member?

Click on the above link to register on line. Or pick up a paper form from the office, attach your check or cash, and return it to the PTA lock box located on the courtyard side of the cafeteria foyer.

What will my membership card get me?

-15% off AARP membership

-Up to 20% off HERTZ

-30% off at Great Wolf Lodge

-$15 discount on season passes to Wild Waves

-Discount PTA days to see Seattle Storm and Washington Husky Football games

-$10 off all Lockwood PTA clubs

And More...

More details on discounts :

How many hours will I be required to volunteer?


Joining the PTA does not sign you up to be a volunteer

Why should I become a PTA member?

There is no better way to know what’s going on in the school than to be on the PTA. You’ll be first to hear about important decisions and changes that the school is considering. Also, by becoming a PTA member, you are joining the oldest and largest non-profit child advocacy group in Washington State. Founded in 1905, the Washington State PTA, is over 134,000 members strong.

What does the PTA do for Lockwood?

Family Events:

Ice Cream Social, Movie Night, Leopard Laps, Family Game Night, the Dance, and More...

Student Life:

Science Fair, Spring Musical, Dance Week, and More...

School Extras:

Classroom Funds, Field trips, Reading Program, and More....

What will the PTA do with my membership?

Every PTA membership represents a voice that can be used to advocate for children. Ever year the Washington State PTA uses those voices to promote platforms like:

-Breakfast After the Bell -Standards for ParaEducators -Equity for the Highly Capable Program

-Improving Educational Outcomes for Foster Children and More...

For more information:

Amanda Sics and Liz Nord:

Lockwood Elementary PTA is affiliated with Washington State PTA and National PTA or

Lockwood PTA 6.10.25

24118 Lockwood Rd. - Bothell, WA 98021